Welcome to Our New e-Commerce Web Site!

We hope you find this new shopping cart faster, easier to use, and more informative than our old cart. To get off to a fast start we recommend you follow the links below in the order given from top to bottom. Doing so will insure that your account is set up correctly, that your orders are processed accurately and securely, and that you get to know how this new web site works best for you. If you have any questions or suggestions, or have any problems, please contact us immediately. We'd love to hear your feedback on how to make this site better for you.

To get started, just follow the links below. If you ever need to return to this page, just look for the 'Welcome' link in the menu with the black background near the top of every page, including this one. There you will find a sub-link called 'Getting Started'. Clicking that will bring you back to this page.

Create an account during check-out

You can create an account during checkout. Just put some items in your shopping cart and click the Check Out button. You can start shopping now.

Set up your account now

We may have already set up your account. If we have all you have to do is verify your data and change your password. If not, setting up an account is easy. To get started enter your email address here (please use the email address established for you by your company).

Signing into your account

At the top right of every page, including this one, you'll see a 'Login' link (if you're already signed in, it will read 'Manage My Account'). After you click it enter your email address and password. The email address you set up for your account is very important. All correspondence generated by the system will go to that address.

Set up your favorite (specialty) lists

If you have set up your favorite products (Quick Lists) in the old shopping cart, we can transfer them to the new shopping cart for you. Just click here.


Setting up favorites in the new system is easy. First, you should know that you can have multiple favorites lists. For instance, you can have a favorites (specialty) list for paper, dividers, and for ink and toner. The system also comes with a generic favorites list, called 'My Favorites'. On every item you see look for the checkbox that says 'Favorite Product?' (it will only display after you have signed in and the system knows who you are). Once you click it, that item is put in the 'My Favorites' list.

After you set up your favorites lists you can see all the lists under the 'Favorites' link. The Favorites link is in the menu with the black background near the top of every page, including this one (but you have to be signed in so the system knows who you are). Just click the list you want to see. If you want to set up specialty lists now, and if you're signed in, click here. You can do it later too.

If you have any problems setting up your favorites please contact us

Save Your Orders

The e-commerce system allows you to save your orders and name them for reuse. Just add items to your cart and then look for the 'Save This' button in your shopping cart. The items, quantities and notes are all saved for later. You can 'activate' orders at any time, rename them, edit them, delete them, and email them to others for review and/or approval.

Easy re-ordering

The e-commerce system remembers every item you've ordered and allows you to re-order each item with a click of a button. Just hover over the 'Favorites' link in the menu at the top of every page, including this one, that has a black background. You'll see a drop-down that says 'Previously Ordered Items'. Click it and go.

View order history/status

Once you enter an order you can see whether the order has been shipped. Just click on the 'Manage My Account' link on the top of any page (make sure you're signed in) and you'll go to a page where a link on the left hand menu will read 'View Order History'. On this same page you can change your password, add/edit shipping addresses, and review the accounts receivable balance for your company. This is also the page where you can manage your favorite (specialty) lists. IMPORTANT: If you buy for a company, and if there are other buyers for the company, you will not only see your orders but also the orders/shipments of all the buyers in the company. This is because the Order Fullfillment system stores orders at a company level, not a buyer level. This can be useful as it allows buyers to inspect other buyer's purchases, and may allow rationalization of products across buyers.

Stone 300 Pricing

Once you've signed in you will be able to get Stone 300 pricing on select products. These products can be found in the left hand menu of any shopping page. Look for the large green dollar sign. Besides the Stone 300, by signing in the system will also give you your discounted pricing. The list price will still display, but it will be crossed out.

Searching for products using text

There is a product search field in the top right of every shopping page. This field allows you to search items by category, brand, manufacturer, UPC, stock number, product name, description, or key word. We will continue to improve our search techniques over time. If you'd like to see a shopping page with a product search field, click here.

Searching for products using the top menu system

An item category menu along the top of every shopping page organizes products by category. This menu system allows you to drill down to find the specific category of items you're looking for. Use the 'Close' button on the right side of the menu to contract an expanded menu. If you'd like to see a shopping page with a top menu system, click here.

Have us create your own menu system

A menu on the left hand side of every shopping page provides a place for your most popular searches. This menu can be customized for you and/or your company. Let's say you find yourself always having to drill three levels deep to find a commonly used category of items. Have us provide you a custom link and we can spare you the unnecessary clicking. We can set up custom links to brands, manufacturers, categories, favorites or just about anything you can think of. Our goal is to help you expedite your search and find the items you want quickly. If you'd like to see a shopping page with the left hand menu system and how you might customize it, click here (look for the section called 'Quick Links').

Searching for ink and toner

The best way to search for ink and toner is by first knowing your printer's manufacturer and model number. Once you have that, it's easy. On any shopping page find the link called 'Ink & Toner' on the left hand menu. When you hover over it you will see a fly-out menu with a list of major brands. If you need to see more brands, just click the sub-link called 'View all Brands'. If you'd like to see a shopping page with the Ink & toner link, click here.

Viewing product details

If you click on any product image on any page the system will take you to the product detail page. Here you can review packaging information, benefit statements, related and complementary products, material safety data sheets (in PDF format), and extended descriptions. You can also view product videos (when available), audio files (when available), and multiple images of the product from different angles (when available). If you'd like to see an example of a product detail page, click here.