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  • Telescoping Power-Lever Hedge Shears, Cushioned Grip
    Product Id - #FSK91696935J    Fiskars
    Power-Lever technology increases your cutting power. Patented serrated blade design self-sharpens during use. Durable steel handles with soft grips for comfort. Telescoping handle extends from 24 to 31 1/8; 10 blade length. Lifetime warranty. Tool Type: Shears; Application: Gardening; Applicable Material: Grass; Shrubs; Style: Hedge.  more>>
    Price: $37.45  EA
    Telescoping Power-Lever Bypass Lopper, Cushioned Grip
    Product Id - #FSK91686935J    Fiskars
    Power-Lever mechanism increases leverage to make cutting two times easier than single-pivot loppers. Telescoping handles extend to 36 1/2". Lock securely holds handles in place. Fully hardened steel blade with non-stick coating cuts with less effort. Durable steel handles. Cushioned grips and shock-absorbing bumper for comfort. 1 3/4" cutting capacity. Tool Type: Lopper; Application: Gardening; Landscaping; Applicable Material: Branches; Shrubs; Style: Bypass.  more>>
    Price: $38.93  EA
    Bypass Pruner, Loop Handle
    Product Id - #FSK91095935J    Fiskars
    Fiskars #1 selling hand pruner. Fully hardened steel blade with non-stick coating cuts with less effort. Ambidextrous handle design and durable all-steel construction. Includes sap groove for blade self-cleaning and non-slip comfort grips. 5/8" cutting capacity. Lifetime warranty. Tool Type: Pruner; Application: Gardening; Landscaping; Applicable Material: Trees; Bushes; Shrubs; Flowers; Style: Bypass.  more>>
    Price: $18.59  EA
    Leaf Rake, Cushioned Grip
    Product Id - #FSK96605935J    Fiskars
    24 head is sized for moving a high volume of leaves with minimal effort. Uniquely curved, extra-wide tines transport leaves without clogging, longer reach eliminates back strain from bending and teardrop-shaped shaft offers a more comfortable grip. Lifetime warranty. Tool Type: Rake; Application: Landscaping; Applicable Material: Leaves; Style: Lawn & Leaf.  more>>
    Price: $34.75  EA
    Long-Handle Digging Shovel, Cushioned Grip
    Product Id - #FSK96685935J    Fiskars
    All-steel construction provides heavy-duty durability. Round-pointed shovel blade is sharpened to cut through soil and grass quickly and cleanly. Hand-friendly, teardrop-shaped shafts offer a superior grip, improved ergonomics and reduce hand fatigue. Powder-coat finish prevents rust and is easy to clean. Unique big step design to help your customers maximize power when digging into tough soil. Limited warranty. Tool Type: Shovel; Application: Gardening; Landscaping; Applicable Material: Soil; Dirt; Style: Digging.  more>>
    Price: $42.81  EA
    SpinSweep Pro Outdoor Sweeper, Black
    Product Id - #HVRL1405    Hoover Commercial
    Perfect for picking up grass clippings, mulch, leaves, gravel and litter from sidewalks, driveways, storefronts, garages and more. Motorless, no cord, batteries or fuel/oil mixing. Environmentally friendly, no air or noise pollution, or energy consumption. Swivel casters and wall guides for smooth maneuvering. Heavy-duty, height-adjustable brushes and handle, with ergonomic design. E-Z Empty translucent collection bin that can be emptied with one hand. Easy assembly. Tool Type: Street/Sidewalk Sweeper; Application: Outdoor Sweeping; Applicable Material: Grass Clippings; Stones; Mulch; Sand; Metal Filings; Leaves; Tree Bark; Litter; Plant Debris; Style: Manual Push.  more>>
    Price: $170.56  EA
    Pro Pruner, Steel, Black, 1" Branch Diameter
    Product Id - #FSK91246935J    Fiskars
    Pro Pruners with an adjustable, ergonomic design provide comfortable use when cutting stems and branches up to 1" diameter. This pro-style pruner features adjustable blade tension to fit your hand strength and the toughness of the material youre cutting. Angled cutting head helps reduce wrist fatigue and makes it easy to prune at awkward angles. The fully hardened, precision-ground steel blade stays sharp, even through heavy use. A low-friction coating helps the blade resist rust and prevents the blade from gumming up with sap and debris, making cutting even easier. Built-in sap groove provides smooth operation. Tool Type: Pruner; Application: Gardening; Landscaping; Applicable Material: Branches; Shrubs; Stems; Style: Bypass.  more>>
    Price: $30.10  EA
    Shrub Rake, 8" Head, 66" Handle, Plastic/Aluminum, Black/Orange/Silver
    Product Id - #FSK96615935J    Fiskars
    Reach leaves and debris in tight spaces all over the yard with a lightweight, durable rake. The slim head of this aluminum shrub rake makes it easy to clean between shrubs, fences, flowers and more. Durable resin head features unique tines designed to flex without breaking. Ergonomically shaped handle fits the natural shape and motion of your hand for exceptional comfort. Aluminum handle reduces weight without sacrificing strength, with added length to help improve posture and reduce back fatigue. A unique teardrop-shaped shaft provides exceptional comfort and control. Tool Type: Rake; Application: Gardening; Landscaping; Applicable Material: Leaves; Grass; Style: Rake.  more>>
    Price: $27.20  EA
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