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  • Folding 18-in-1 All-Purpose Stainless Steel Tool w/Belt Pouch
    Product Id - #GNS12007    Sheffield
    Incredibly versatile multipurpose tool is 18 tools in one! Folds to just 4 1/2", fits into included belt pouch. Includes needle nose pliers, regular pliers, can/bottle opener, two Phillips screwdrivers, small, medium and large screwdrivers, wire cutters, hard wire cutters, clip point knife, serrated knife, wood/bone saw, metal/wood file, wire stripper, awl, punch and regular knife. Blades/Tools Featured: Needle-Nose Pliers; Regular Pliers; Can/Bottle Opener; Two Phillips Screwdrivers; Small, Medium and Large Flathead Screwdrivers; Awl; Punch; Wire Stripper; Wire Cutters; Hard Wire Cutters; Clip-Point Knife; Serrated Knife; Straight-Blade Knife; Wood/Bone Saw; Metal/Wood File; Material(s): Stainless Steel; Color(s): Stainless Steel; Weight: 10.9 oz.  more>>
    Price: $25.95  EA
    GorillaGrip Fold-Up Tool Set, 2mm-8mm
    Product Id - #BDH12587    Bondhus
    Turn and flip feature, no repositioning the tool when working against obstructions. GorillaGrip handle is up to 40% stronger than steel handles. Material(s): Steel; Color(s): Red; Weight: .21 lb.  more>>
    Price: $8.19  EA
    HF9 GorillaGrip Fold-Up Tool, 9-Piece Hex Set, SAE, Yellow/Black Oxide
    Product Id - #BDH12589    Bondhus
    Multi-tool pocketknife design puts a wide assortment of keys and drivers into the palm of your hand. Durable, forged-steel "blades" may be folded out to just about any angle (up to 180). Ultra-durable GorillaGrip handle provides a smooth, comfortable feel. Blades/Tools Featured: 5/64" Hex Key; 3/32" Hex Key; 7/64" Hex Key; 1/8" Hex Key; 9/64" Hex Key; 5/32" Hex Key; 3/16" Hex Key; 7/32" Hex Key; 1/4" Hex Key; Material(s): Steel/Plastic; Color(s): Yellow/Black Oxide.  more>>
    Price: $7.22  EA
    7-in-1 Torx Fold-Up Key Set, 6-20
    Product Id - #EKL22572    Eklind
    Heat treated for optimum strength. Compact steel handle. Black oxide finish prevents corrosion. Material(s): Steel; Color(s): Black; Weight: .23 lb.  more>>
    Price: $19.59  ST
    6-Piece Ergo-Fold Hex Key Set, Large Handle
    Product Id - #EKL25611    Eklind
    Hard shell cover affords maximum protection for keys. Soft cushion grip insert ensures ergonomic comfort and slip resistance. Material(s): Steel; Color(s): Black; Weight: .09 lb.  more>>
    Price: $14.86  ST
    33273 5-Key Folding Hex Tool
    Product Id - #KLN70579    Klein Tools
    Heat-treated alloy steel hex-tool blades. Fold-out notches simplify 180 (straight) and 90 (right-angle) use. Material(s): Steel; Color(s): Silver; Weight: .88 lb.  more>>
    Price: $17.45  ST
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