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  • 36mm (1.4") TZe Cleaning Tape for P-Touch, 100 Uses
    Product Id - #BRTTZECL6    Brother P-Touch
    Providing the proper maintenance to your equipment is one of the best ways to save money. Using this OEM cartridge to clean your labeling systems thermal transfer head regularly is the easiest way to maintain optimum printing performance. The cartridge employs a reliable, low-wear, dry cleaning method that will significantly enhance the lifespan of your device. For Drive Type: Electronic Labeling Systems; Cleaning Method: Dry; Number of Cleanings: 100.  more>>
    Price: $32.44  EA
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    LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge, 20 Uses
    Product Id - #HEWC7978A    HP
    Rest assured knowing that this cleaner will keep your drive heads safe from debris. Protects your device from harmful particles that could cause damage. Cartridge provides reduction in errors, improved data security, extended drive life and optimized drive performance. For Drive Type: LTO; Number of Cleanings: 15 to 50 (drive dependent).  more>>
    Price: $96.36  EA
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    SDLT Cleaning Cartridge, 20 Uses
    Product Id - #FUJ600003286    Fujifilm
    Advanced technology cleaning system for Super DLT tape drives. Easy and reliable maintenance for keeping heads and drives functioning efficiently. Provides 20 cleanings per cartridge. For Drive Type: SDLT; Compatibility: SDLT 220; SDLT 320; SDLT 600; Cleaning Method: Tape; Number of Cleanings: 20.  more>>
    Price: $152.80  EA
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    Smart Cleaning Card with Waffletechnology, 10 per box
    Product Id - #REARR15059    Read Right
    This cleaning card can be used to clean chip and pin, EMV and mag stripe card readers including manual ATMs, POS terminals, hand-held POS devices, self-serve kiosks, mag stripe readers, transit/parking pay stations, vending machines, pay at the pump, time clocks, door locks and player tracking. The cleaning card improves transaction completion rate and prevents susceptibility to fraudulent transactions. Its waffle design conforms to critical surface areas including chip reader pins and is equally effective for swipe, freaktion head and landings in all card reader devices. Convenient single-use, pre-saturated cards eliminate cross contamination and require no additional products. For Drive Type: Chip & Pin; EMV and Mag Stripe Card Readers; Cleaning Method: Pre-Saturated.  more>>
    Price: $50.00  BX
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