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  • Woodcase Pencil, HB #2, Yellow, Dozen
    Product Id #DIX13882    Ticonderoga

    Satin smooth finish enhances writing comfort. Exclusive graphite core formula offers extra smooth writing  more>>
    Regularly:   $5.56   DZ
    Reduced:  $3.29  DZ
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    Blackstonian Pencil, HB #2, Medium Soft, Yellow, Dozen
    Product Id #UNV55520    Universal

    High-quality lead for a smoother writing pencil. Rich, double-lacquered yellow finish with gold ferrule for a  more>>
    Regularly:   $4.90   DZ
    Reduced:  $1.49  DZ
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    Erasable Colored Woodcase Pencils, 3.3 mm, 24 Assorted Colors/Box
    Product Id #CYO682424    Crayola

    No more smudges or ripped paper! Built-in erasers allow you to correct mistakes and make changes anytime! Bright  more>>
    Price: $9.51  BX
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    Twistables Erasable Colored Pencils, 12 Assorted Colors/Pack
    Product Id #CYO687508    Crayola

    Bid farewell to sharpeners and do-overs forever! Built-in eraser allows you to fix mistakes and change your mind  more>>
    Price: $6.13  PK
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    Colored Woodcase Pencil Classpack, 3.3mm, 33 EA of 14 Ast Colors + 12 Sharpeners
    Product Id #CYO688462    Crayola

    Presharpened points stay sharp longer and resharpen easier than most colored more>>
    Price: $109.93  BX
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    Multicultural Colored Woodcase Pencils, 3.3 mm, 8 Assorted Colors/Set
    Product Id #CYO684208    Crayola

    Pencils produce an assortment of hues that gives children a realistic  more>>
    Price: $2.29  ST
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    Watercolor Wood Pencil Classpack, 3.3 mm, 12 Asstd Clrs, 240 Pencils/Box
    Product Id #CYO684240    Crayola

    Provides both watercolor and drawing effects with the same medium. Can be used in a variety of dry and wet  more>>
    Price: $85.18  BX
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    Ticonderoga Erasable Colored Pencils, 2.6 mm, Blue Lead/Barrel, Dozen
    Product Id #DIX14209    Ticonderoga

    Brilliant non-fading color is produced to brighten up proposals, edit papers, or use as a checking pencil. Presharpened  more>>
    Price: $9.41  DZ
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