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  • Paper Mache Mask Kit, 8 x 5 1/2"
    Product Id #CKC4190    Creativity Street

    Ready to decorate papier-mache masks help encourage kids creativity. Perfect for arts and crafts and many projects. Age  more>>
    Price: $3.59  EA
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    Art Buddy Backpack, 38 Pieces, Ages 4 and Up
    Product Id #CYO045350    Crayola

    Backpack filled with art supplies is perfect for school, travel, or keeping organized at home. Durable, clear  more>>
    Price: $14.82  EA
    Adult Coloring Kit, Aquatic Theme Coloring Book with 20 Markers
    Product Id #SAN1989554    Sharpie

    Experience the thrill of adding vivid Sharpie shades to an incredible aquatic-themed adult coloring book!  more>>
    Price: $49.80  KT
    Flair Adult Coloring Kit, Womans Closet Theme Coloring Book with 20 Markers
    Product Id #PAP1989556    Paper Mate

    Set your inner artist loose and express yourself in trend-setting style and color! Featuring a womens closet  more>>
    Price: $48.42  KT
    Complete Toolkit with Colored Pencils and 8 Page Coloring Book
    Product Id #SAN1978739    Prismacolor

    Unlock a world of brilliant, stress-relieving colors and let your imagination bring the coloring pages to life!  more>>
    Price: $34.99  ST
    Crayons and Markers Combo Classpack, Eight Colors, 256/Set
    Product Id #CYO523349    Crayola

    Combining two Crayola classics into one affordable pack! This crayons and markers combo classpack includes 128  more>>
    Price: $88.87  ST
    My First Crayons and Markers Combo Classpack, Eight Colors, 128/Set
    Product Id #CYO818128    Crayola

    Combining two great My First Crayola art tools. Includes 64 triangular easy-grip crayons and 64 ultra-clean  more>>
    Price: $73.31  ST
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