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  • JonCrete Superior Adhesion and Cure Seal, Milky White
    Product Id - #DVO95104861    Diversey
    Single component system; no mixing required. Can be used as a cure seal and top coated with JonCreteTM/MC Concrete Sealers. Meets ASTM C309 requirements. Type: Concrete Sealer; Size: 5 gal; Capacity (Volume): 5 gal; Color(s): Milky White.  more>>
    Price: $381.96  EA
    WR-2 Wear Resistant Putty, 1lb
    Product Id - #DVC11410    Devcon
    Smooth, non-rusting epoxy putty is an excellent all-purpose bonding solution. Bonds to steel, iron, aluminum, ceramic, concrete, brass, and some plastics. Contains wear-resistant fillers for low-friction applications. Type: Pipe Putty; Capacity (Weight): 1 lb; Color(s): Dark Gray; Packing Type: Can.  more>>
    Price: $107.30  EA
    High-Temperature Thread Sealant, 50mL Tube
    Product Id - #DVC59235    Permatex
    Lubricates threads for easy assembly and disassembly. Wont shred or wear like PTFE tape. Type: Liquid/Gel Thread Seal; Capacity (Volume): 50 mL; Color(s): White; Packing Type: Tube.  more>>
    Price: $19.62  EA
    Form-A-Gasket Sealant, #1, 11oz Tube
    Product Id - #DVC80003    Permatex
    Reliable paste-like gasket sealant/dressing/coating. Recommended for rigid, permanent assemblies. Resistant to gasoline and other solvents. Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Volume): 11 oz; Packing Type: Tube.  more>>
    Price: $12.12  EA
    Ultra Series #77 RTV Silicone Gasket Maker, 3.35oz
    Product Id - #DVC81724    Permatex
    Sensor-safe, low odor, non-corrosive. 3 times more oil resistant than conventional silicones. 8 times more flexible than cork/composite gaskets. Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Volume): 3.35 oz; Color(s): Blue; Packing Type: Tube.  more>>
    Price: $9.14  EA
    Cold-Weld Compound, 1 oz, Dark Gray
    Product Id - #JBW8265S    J-B WELD
    Easy, convenient, and inexpensive alternative to welding, soldering, and brazing. Will bond to virtually any clean, dry surface including: iron, steel, copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, pewter, porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass, concrete, fiberglass, wood, plastic and many more. Can be drilled, tapped, machined, filed, sanded and painted. Superstrong and nontoxic. Type: Welding Compound; Capacity (Weight): 1 oz; Color(s): Dark Gray; Packing Type: Tube.  more>>
    Price: $7.12  EA
    Water Weld Compound, 3.2 oz
    Product Id - #JBW8277    J-B WELD
    WATERWELD can be applied under water: surfaces to be repaired do not need to be clean and dry. Simply cut off as much of the material as you need, twist and knead with your fingers until color is uniform with no streaks, apply immediately to surface to be repaired. Mushrooms through and around holes, grabbing the edges to hold securely, then hardening for a permanent seal. Type: Welding Compound; Capacity (Weight): 3.2 oz; Packing Type: Tube.  more>>
    Price: $7.96  EA
    603 Retaining Compound, Oil Tolerant, 50mL
    Product Id - #LOC21441    Loctite
    A retaining compound tolerant of oil and other contamination. Seals and secures cylindrical assemblies up to 0.005" radial clearance. Prevents fretting and corrosion of metal assemblies. For close fitting parts with light contamination. Type: Retaining/Gasketing Compound; Capacity (Volume): 50 mL; Color(s): Green; Packing Type: Bottle.  more>>
    Price: $63.64  EA
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