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  • Attendance/Multiuse Pocket Chart, 35 Pockets/Two-Sided Cards, Blue, 30 x 37 1/2
    Product Id - #CDPCD5644    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Has 35 pockets for student cards, one pocket for header card. 35 two-sided student cards, each 3" x 5", feature full-color illustrations to represent "present" on one side, "absent" on the other. Also includes "Whos Here Today" header card, 21" x 4", and a resource guide. Flame-retardant; durable construction; sturdy grommets for easy hanging. Pocket Chart Type: Attendance; Total Pockets: 35; Width: 30"; Height: 37 1/2".  more>>
    Price: $23.99  EA
    Original Plus 10-Pocket Chart with Five Clear Sentence Strips, Blue, 34 x 52
    Product Id - #CDPCD5634    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Convenient storage and organization is always a plus! Ten clear pockets on the front, plus five clear sentence strip and card storage pockets on the back. Flame-retardant; durable construction; sturdy grommets for easy hanging. Contents not included. Pocket Chart Type: Word and Sentence; Total Pockets: 15; Width: 34"; Height: 52".  more>>
    Price: $29.99  EA
    Essential Pocket Chart, 10 Clear & 1 Storage Pocket, Grommets, Blue, 31 x 42
    Product Id - #CDP158158    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    The perfect pocket chart for playing games, tracking behavior, teaching sight words and so much more! Features ten long pockets and one storage pocket. Features sturdy grommets for easy hanging. For PreK through Grade 8. Pocket Chart Type: Multiuse; Total Pockets: 11; Width: 31"; Height: 42".  more>>
    Price: $22.99  EA
    Storage Pocket Chart with 10 13 1/2 x 7 Pockets, Hanger Grommets, 14 x 47
    Product Id - #CDPCD5653    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Keep materials organized and within reach. Flame-retardant nylon chart has ten 13 1/2 x 7 fabric pockets and sturdy grommets for hanging to turn unused space into valuable storage. Contents not included. Pocket Chart Type: Storage; Total Pockets: 10; Width: 14"; Height: 46 1/2".  more>>
    Price: $14.99  EA
    Hundreds Pocket Chart with 100 Clear Pockets, Colored Number Cards, 26 x 26
    Product Id - #CDP158157    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Illustrate fundamental math concepts, patterns, multiples. Features 100, 2" wide clear acrylic pockets and includes cards labeled 1-100 with multiples of 2, 3, 5 and 10 highlighted in different colors. Durable flame-retardant nylon construction with grommets for hanging. Pocket Chart Type: Math; Total Pockets: 100; Width: 26"; Height: 26".  more>>
    Price: $21.99  EA
    Adjustable Tri-Section Pocket Chart with 18 Color Cards, Guide, 36 x 60
    Product Id - #CDPCD5642    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Versatile design features three 34" x 20" chart sections are detachable and interchangeable. Each section has five, long, clear acrylic pockets (15 total pockets). Tops and bottoms are edged with hook and loop tape to connect sections quickly and easily. Made of flame-retardant nylon with sturdy grommets for hanging. Includes 18 colorful header cards and resource guide. Pocket Chart Type: Multiuse; Total Pockets: 15; Width: 34"; Height: 55 1/2".  more>>
    Price: $29.99  EA
    Deluxe Scheduling Pocket Chart, 12 Pockets, 13 x 36
    Product Id - #CDP158031    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    The easiest way to illustrate your classrooms daily schedule. Can also be used to reinforce time-telling lessons. Features 12 clear pockets plus a storage pocket with a closure and write-on/wipe-off cards. Flame retardant material and durable construction. Sturdy grommets for easy hanging. Pocket Chart Type: Sorting and Graphing; Total Pockets: 76; Width: 34"; Height: 49".  more>>
    Price: $19.99  EA
    Space Saving Pocket Chart, 31 x 19
    Product Id - #CDP158023    Carson-Dellosa Publishing
    Ideal for when space is at a premium. This teacher-requested design measures only 31" wide x 19" high and makes the most of the space you have. Includes five clear, vinyl pockets and resource guide with activity suggestions. Sturdy grommets for easy hanging. Pocket Chart Type: Activity; Total Pockets: 5; Width: 31"; Height: 19".  more>>
    Price: $19.99  EA
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