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  • Personal Safe, 0.3 ft3, 12-1/4w x 7-3/4d x 7-3/4h, Light Gray
    Product Id - #FIRHS1207    Gary by FireKing
    Items in both the home and office are susceptible to theft, so use this light gray safe to keep your valuables protected. The tough solid steel construction and programmable digital keypad provide both security and easy access. The bolt-down kit allows you to bolt safe to wall or floor. The 0.3 cu. ft. interior can hold a variety of valuables. Outer Width: 12 1/4"; Outer Depth: 7 3/4"; Outer Height: 7 3/4"; Capacity (text): 0.3 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $125.00  EA
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    Laptop Safe, 1.2 capacity, 15-3/4w x 16-5/8d x 7-9/16h, Light Gray
    Product Id - #FIRLT1507    Gary by FireKing
    Protect your laptop against potential theft and damage. Safe can also provide protection for CDs, cell phones, PDAs and other valuables. The steel construction, pry-resistant door and electronic lock make sure that your valuables are safe while youre away. The safe also features a durable, light gray finishadding a simple, yet elegant look. The compact size allows for easy installation on the wall or floor (bolt down kit included). Outer Width: 15 3/4"; Outer Depth: 16 5/8"; Outer Height: 7 9/16"; Capacity (text): 1.2 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $370.00  EA
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    MediaVault, .2 ft3, 11-5/8w x 17-1/2d x 10-1/2h, UL Listed 125 for Fire, White
    Product Id - #FIRMV1000    FireKing
    Stop having to worry about your valuablessimply keep them in this storage safe for protection. This compact, stand-alone media storage safe is designed to provide ultimate protection against fire, water, dust and humidity. In case of fire, the safe protects data/information storage media and heat-sensitive valuables for at least one hour up to 1,700F. Class 125 ratingone hour specification for Insulated Record Protection Equipment. Capable for holding: 130 3.5" diskettes, 60 4mm tapes, 30 8mm tapes, 23 CDs or 31 Zip disks. Outer Width: 11 5/8"; Outer Depth: 17 1/2"; Outer Height: 10 1/2"; Capacity (text): 0.2 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $855.00  EA
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    Digital Depository Safe, Extra Large, 1.09 ft3, 14w x 15 3/5d x 24h, Black
    Product Id - #SENDH109E    Sentry Safe
    Reduce your chance of being robbed by making frequent deposits in your drop safe container. Designed with a host of security features including hardened steel lock plate, programmable electronic locks, anti-fish hoppers and anti-pry doors. Bolt-down included. Outer Width: 14"; Outer Depth: 15 3/5"; Outer Height: 24"; Capacity (text): 1.09 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $756.00  EA
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    Electronic Lock Security Safe, 1.0 ft3, 16 15/16w x 14 9/16d x 8 7/8h, Black
    Product Id - #SENX105    Sentry Safe
    Protect your valuables from theft. Guard against unauthorized entry with this pry-resistant, solid steel door and body with two live-locking bolts. Removable shelf allows for flexible storage while the carpeted floor protects your valuables from damage. Fits most laptops, also has access for a power cord and includes security cable. Outer Width: 16 15/16"; Outer Depth: 14 9/16"; Outer Height: 8 7/8"; Capacity (text): 1.0 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $204.00  EA
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    Combination Water/Fire Resistant Safe, 1.23 ft3, 16 3/8 x 19 3/8 x 17 7/8, Gray
    Product Id - #SENSFW123DEB    Sentry Safe
    Designed with advanced fire protection, water resistance and security in mind. 60% bigger bolts than traditional Safes and a pry-resistant hinge bar help prevent unauthorized access. Dual mechanical combination lock and key. Locking drawer and multi-position shelf. Key rack, door tray and door pocket for smaller items. Bolt-down kit included. Outer Width: 16 3/8"; Outer Depth: 19 3/8"; Outer Height: 17 7/8"; Capacity (text): 1.23 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $389.00  EA
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    Electronic Fire Safe, 1.23 ft3, 16 3/8w x 19 3/8d x 17 7/8h, Gunmetal Gray
    Product Id - #SENSFW123GDC    Sentry Safe
    Dual digital and key safe is designed to protect documents, digital media and other valuables from fire, water, and theft. 60% bigger bolts than traditional Safes and pry-resistant hinge bar provides additional security against unauthorized access. Outer Width: 16 3/8"; Outer Depth: 19 3/8"; Outer Height: 17 7/8"; Capacity (text): 1.23 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $417.00  EA
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    Fire and Waterproof Chest, 0.27 ft3, 15-9/10w x 12-2/5d x 6-1/2h, Taupe
    Product Id - #FIRSS103    SureSeal By FireKing
    Designed to meet the security needs of todays consumer by protecting CDs/DVDs, flash drives, portable hard drives and other valuables from fire and water damage. Accommodates letter- and legal-size documents. Dual compression latches and handle. Waterproof for two hours. Outer Width: 15 9/10"; Outer Depth: 12 2/5"; Outer Height: 6 1/2"; Capacity (text): 0.27 cu. ft.  more>>
    Price: $145.00  EA
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