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  • Tabletop Thermoelectric Water Cooler, 13 1/4" dia. x 15 3/4h, White
    Product Id #AVAWD31EC    Avanti

    Compact solution for home or office use. Select operation modes--normal or energy saver. Holds standard three or  more>>
    Price: $165.43  EA
    Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, 12 3/4" dia. x 39h, Ivory White
    Product Id #AVAWD363P    Avanti

    Push-button faucets for cold and hot water. Faucets have LED light indicators. Lightweight durable plastic body.  more>>
    Price: $299.99  EA
    Insulated Beverage Container, 16" dia. x 20 1/2h, Orange
    Product Id #RUB1610ORG    Rubbermaid Commercial

    Heavily insulated container keeps beverages cold for hours. Thumb-trigger spigot features a recessed design,  more>>
    Price: $151.50  EA
    Water Cooler, 12 1/2" dia x 16 3/4h, Orange
    Product Id #RUB1683ORG    Rubbermaid

    Sturdy polyethylene cooler wont drip or spill while being carried. Tight-seal screw-top lid. Extra-thick insulation  more>>
    Price: $69.04  EA
    ZeroWater Replacement Filters, 5 gal, Clear/White/Blue
    Product Id #AVAZJ003IS    Avanti

    Replacement filtering bottle features two patented five-stage ion exchange filters. Removes virtually all detectable  more>>
    Price: $155.20  EA
    ZeroWater Replacement Filtering Bottle Filter, 2/Pack
    Product Id #AVAZR017    Avanti

    Patented five-stage ion exchange filter removes nearly all dissolved solids from drinking water. For use with  more>>
    Price: $70.00  PK
    Insulated Water Cooler, 5 Gal, Orange, 10"Dia x 19 1/2"H, Polyethylene
    Product Id #RCP1840999    Rubbermaid Commercial

    Keep beverages cold for hours. Crack-resistant polyethylene for long life. Screw top lid for a tight seal. Recessed,  more>>
    Price: $102.17  EA
    Industrial Water Cooler, 10gal
    Product Id #IGL4101    Igloo

    HDPE hide wont chip, peel, buckle, or rust. Ultratherm insulation for maximum cold retention. UV stabilizers  more>>
    Price: $96.13  EA
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