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  • RightResponse Outdoor First Aid Kit
    Product Id - #FAO10108    First Aid Only
    Be prepared for twisted ankles, insect stings, blisters or muscle aches. Conveniently sized pack includes bandages, dressings and tape, wipes and ointments, medications and instruments. Resealable. Number of Pieces: 32; Contains: Bandages; Dressings; First Aid Tape; Antiseptic Towelettes; Alcohol Cleansing Wipes; Antibiotic Ointments; Insect Sting Relief Pad; Hand Sanitizer; Non-Aspirin Tablets; Ibuprofen Tablets; Safety Pins; Moleskin Pad; First Aid Guide; Case Material: Vinyl; Width: 5 1/2".  more>>
    Price: $8.02  KT
    Flu-Germ Protection Kit, 7-Pieces
    Product Id - #FAO10182    First Aid Only
    Help prevent the spread of germs. Convenient size pack contains face masks, one pair exam quality vinyl protective gloves, one hand sanitizer and one "Preventing the spread of germs" information guide. Resealable. Number of Pieces: 7; Contains: Face Masks; Vinyl Gloves; Hand Sanitizer; Instruction Guide; Width: 5 1/2"; Depth: 2".  more>>
    Price: $6.88  EA
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    First Aid Kit for 25 People, 106-Pieces, OSHA Compliant, Metal Case
    Product Id - #FAO224U    First Aid Only
    18 first aid products, 106 pieces in a metal case with mountable hanger for convenient removal and transport. (Mounting hardware not included). 107 pieces. System Capacity: 25 Person System; Number of Pieces: 104; Contains: Bandages; Compresses; Eye Care Products; Gauze Pads; Ointments; Scissors; Tape; Tweezers; Wipes; Mounting: Wall.  more>>
    Price: $48.89  KT
    First Aid Station for 50 People, 196-Pieces, OSHA Compliant, Metal Case
    Product Id - #FAO226U    First Aid Only
    Designed for contractors and vehicles. 20 first aid products, 196 pieces including bandages, compresses, eye care products, ointment, wipes, plus six-piece CPR pack. Metal case with handle. Wall mountable (hardware not incl.). System Capacity: 50 Person System; Number of Pieces: 196; Contains: Bandages; Compresses; CPR Mask; Eye Care Products; Ointments; Wipes; Mounting: Wall.  more>>
    Price: $102.68  KT
    First Aid Kit for 50 People, 229-Pieces, ANSI/OSHA Compliant, Plastic Case
    Product Id - #FAO228CP    First Aid Only
    195-piece kit, in compartmental plastic case. Also includes 28-piece bloodborne pathogen/personal protection kit and six-piece CPR pack with one-way valve faceshield. Plastic case is wall mountable (hardware not included). Full-color reorder schematic. System Capacity: 50 Person System; Number of Pieces: 229; Contains: Bandages; Eye Wash; Ointments; Wipes; Mounting: Wall.  more>>
    Price: $106.36  KT
    Unitized First Aid Kit for 10 People, 64-Pieces, OSHA/ANSI, Metal Case
    Product Id - #FAO240AN    First Aid Only
    Full-color schematic helps with product location and reordering. Case is wall-mountable (hardware included). Kit contains bandages, compresses, triangular/sling bandage, gauze pads, antiseptic towelettes, first aid tape, exam gloves, and burn relief. 64 pieces. System Capacity: 10 Units; Number of Pieces: 46; Contains: Bandages; Compresses; Triangular Sling Bandage; Gauze Pads; Antiseptic Towelettes; First Aid Tape; Exam Gloves; Burn Relief; Mounting: Wall.  more>>
    Price: $50.39  KT
    Deluxe Personal Safety Emergency Pack, 31-Pieces, Plastic Case
    Product Id - #FAORC613    First Aid Only
    Deluxe personal preparedness pack containing a wide assortment of essential items that can be used during a catastrophic event or emergency. Includes exam-quality vinyl gloves (2), adhesive plastic bandages (5), adhesive fabric bandages (3), junior adhesive plastic bandages (5), sting-free antiseptic cleansing wipes (2), germicidal wipes (2), hand warmers (2), knuckle fabric bandage, fingertip fabric bandage, triple antibiotic ointment pack, hand sanitizer pack, emergency drinking water, emergency poncho, 38" x 60" emergency blanket, whistle with neck cord, light stick and N95 mask. System Capacity: 1 Person System; Number of Pieces: 31; Contains: Adhesive Fabric Bandages; Adhesive Plastic Bandages; Emergency Blanket; Emergency Drinking Water; Emergency Poncho; Fingertip Fabric Bandage; Germicidal Wipes; Hand Sanitizer Pack; Hand Warmers; Junior Adhesive Plastic Bandages; Knuckle Fabric Bandage; Light Sticks; N95 Mask; Triple Antibiotic Ointment Pack; Sting-Free Antiseptic Cleansing Wipes; Vinyl Gloves; Whistle With Neck Cord.; Case Material: Plastic.  more>>
    Price: $27.88  KT
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    American Red Cross Personal Safety Pack for One Person, Nylon Backpack
    Product Id - #FAORC622    First Aid Only
    One-person emergency pack to take on the go. These basic supplies could prove vital in an emergency. Supplies will keep a person warm and dry, help them stay hydrated, and treat minor injuries. A lightweight, modular design makes it easy to stow, grab, and carry. Tear-resistant nylon backpack has plenty of room for personal items. Endorsed by the American Red Cross. System Capacity: 1 Person System; Contains: Emergency Blanket; Emergency Drinking Water Pouch; Germicidal Wipes; Hand Warmers; Light Sticks; Mini First Aid Kit With Assorted Bandages and Antiseptics; N95 Particulate Face Mask; Nylon Backpack; Rain Poncho; Vinyl Gloves; Whistle With Neck Cord.; Case Material: Nylon; Width: 8 7/8".  more>>
    Price: $35.56  KT
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