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  • Premier Oral Digital Thermometer, White/Blue
    Product Id - #MIIMDS9950    Medline
    Digital thermometer provides an accurate reading. Simple push-button start and large LCD screen make taking temperatures quick and easy. Measures in degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius. Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.  more>>
    Price: $4.49  EA
    DigiScan Forehead & Ear Thermometer, Black/White, Digital/Verbal Readout
    Product Id - #BGH18935000    HealthSmart
    Forehead scan option allows you to takes temperatures quickly and easily, even when your child is asleep. Large backlit LCD screen and audio readings in multiple languages are convenient in darkness or low lighting. Infrared technology instantly reads body temperature using forehead scan or ear read. Red light indicator detects when fever is present, eliminating guesswork. 30 reading memory storage with date and time display. No probe covers required. Audio readings available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Russian. Read-Out Type: Digital or Audio; Quantity: 1 each.  more>>
    Price: $34.99  EA
    RediScan Infrared Thermometer w/Digital Readout, White/Blue, 50F122F
    Product Id - #BGH18535000    MABIS
    No more tantrums with a convenient thermometer that can take a childs temperature without contact. Also handy in detecting the temperature of an object. Professional accuracy. Fast, one-second readout. Nite-Glo display is easy to read, even in the dark. Automatic shut-off. F / C switchable, for your convenience. Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.  more>>
    Price: $73.99  EA
    Deluxe Instant Ear Thermometer, Digital, Blue
    Product Id - #BGH18607000    MABIS
    Find the fever fast - instant ear thermometer provides one-second readings. Easy-to-use, one-touch operation. FeverVue Technology changes color according to the temperature reading of the display. No probe covers required. F / C switchable. Automatic shut-off prevents energy waste. Read-Out Type: Digital; Quantity: 1 each.  more>>
    Price: $48.99  EA
    Probe Covers for Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer, 200/Box
    Product Id - #MIIWA05075005    Braun
    Disposable probe covers help ensure optimum performance of Thermoscan Pro 4000. Convenient disposable covers provide ensure sanitary usage. Easy to slip on and pull off. Read-Out Type: Digital; For Use With: Braun Thermoscan Pro 4000 Thermometer; Quantity: 200 per box.  more>>
    Price: $44.08  BX
    Ri-Thermo Infrared Portable Thermometer w/100 Probe Covers, Blue/White
    Product Id - #MIIMDS1806    Medline
    Ri-Thermo Multifunctional infrared professional tympanic thermometer is an excellent choice for reliable results. Thermometer provides three measurement functions: body temperature, liquid temperature (e.g. baby bath-water or baby food) and air temperature. Provides speedy readout; 1-2 seconds in C or F.12 measurement memory. Convenient thermometer comes with 100 probe covers, for easy, hygienic usage. Read-Out Type: Digital - Dual Scale; For Use With: Medline Integrated Diagnostic Systems; Quantity: 1 each.  more>>
    Price: $258.35  EA
    Thermometer Probe Covers, 100/Pack
    Product Id - #MIIMDS12704    Medline
    Designed for patient comfort, disposable covers help protect the unit. Handy covers reduce cross-contamination and improve hygiene. Convenient covers slip easily on and off. Covers ensure optimum performance of the Ri-Thermo Infrared Portable Thermometer (sold separately). For Use With: Ri-Thermo Infrared Portable Thermometer; Quantity: 100 per pack.  more>>
    Price: $55.98  PK
    Disposable Thermometer, Dot-Matrix Phase-Change, 100/Box
    Product Id - #FAO21775    First Aid Only
    Disposable thermometers are perfect for emergency use. Convenient unitized box is designed to fit into any first aid kit. Perfect for use as standalone item or as a refill for a first aid kit. For oral or axillary use. Read-Out Type: Dot-Matrix Phase-Change; For Use With: First Aid Kits; Quantity: 100 per box.  more>>
    Price: $51.12  BX
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