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  • Heavy-Duty Dustpan, 8 1/4" w, Polypropylene, Charcoal
    Product Id #RCP2005CHA    Rubbermaid Commercial

    Handy dust pan features a tapered front edge to help simplify sweeping up. Heavy-duty, moderately flexible plastic  more>>
    Price: $8.98  EA
    Lobby Pro Upright Dustpan, w/Wheels, 12 1/2 ", Polypropylene w/Vinyl Coat, Black
    Product Id #RCP253100BK    Rubbermaid Commercial

    The Rubbermaid Commercial Executive Lobby Pro Dust Pan is ideal for malls, restaurants, lobbies, and more. Made from  more>>
    Price: $36.04  EA
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    Lobby Pro Upright Dustpan, w/Cover, 12 1/2"W, Plastic Pan/Metal Handle, Black
    Product Id #RCP253200BLA    Rubbermaid Commercial

    Self-opening/closing cover. Built-in recess on the back of the pan allows emptying without touching the pan bottom.  more>>
    Price: $49.14  EA
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    Duster Brush w/Plastic Dustpan, White
    Product Id #RCP6C0100    Rubbermaid Commercial

    Duster/dust pan combo provides easy, efficient cleanup. Duster has polypropylene bristles and comfortable molded plastic  more>>
    Price: $15.58  EA
    Ergo Dustpan With Broom, 12 Wide, Metal w/Vinyl Coated Handle, Red/Silver
    Product Id #UNGEDPBR    Unger

    Spot sweep floors. Dust pan opens when base touches floor, closes when lifted; never spills contents. Ergonomic handle.  more>>
    Price: $88.52  EA
    Maxi-Plus Lobby Dust Pan with Rear Wheels, Black, 13"Wide, 30"Handle, 6/Carton
    Product Id #DVOCB962082    O-Cedar Commercial

    Get every last speck of dust - this dust pan utilizes an ultra thin edge to make sweeping up particles quick and  more>>
    Price: $154.35  CT
    Lobby Dust Pan, Plastic/Aluminum, 11 3/4" Wide, 34" Handle, Black/Silver
    Product Id #BWK02600    Boardwalk

    Large capacity pan collects and holds more debris, reducing the number of times you need to empty it. Lightweight,  more>>
    Price: $22.31  EA
    Metal Dust Pan, 12" Wide, 2" Handle, Black, 12/Carton
    Product Id #BWK04212    Boardwalk

    Durable metal dust pan is made from a single piece of steel. Strong 20-gauge steel with baked enamel finish. Sturdy  more>>
    Price: $117.36  CT
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